Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoe Review & On Feet

Sperry top-sider

Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoe Review & On Feet

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I wore Sperry Top-Siders every summer on Cape Cod as a kid. (to be precise, I wore the Authentic Original which is pictured above.) Over the years I have continued to wear them and love the brand because of those great memories growing up. I love all of the associations that Top-Siders embody: preppy, summer, clam bakes, sail boats, beaches, vacations and so much more. I love that the laces won’t stay tied until you get them wet and I love the history. With all of that said, in 2004 I stopped wearing Top-Siders altogether.

That summer I needed a new pair and I went to the store to see if there were any original Top-Siders that were actually made in the USA. I knew they would cost more, but I just felt like the shoes I had been wearing didn’t age all that well, and more than that I really wanted something more authentic. After a long search I couldn’t find any Sperry Top-Siders that were made domestically. I wasn’t really surprised, but I was disappointed so I just stopped purchasing shoes from the brand.

The other day, after a long time of not even really even considering the brand as an option, I went to Sperry’s website and there it was: Sperry Top-Sider Made in Maine collection. I was pretty astonished, and pretty happy to see that the thing that I had hoped for so long ago had actually come true. I just discovered this collection the other day on the company website (oddly, this was sent to me last year but I completely missed it — maybe its because I wrote them off? Looks like the same thing happened to James Fox last year) not in a magazine and I didn’t catch any word of this other places.

Sperry re-released the original Top-Siders in the classic colors and they are all made in Maine. I have not tried them on yet (can’t decide which color to buy, I honestly want them all), but it appears that the shoes are made from the Sperry lasts to make sure the shoes are the traditional Sperry boat shoe shape / proportion. Just looking at them in the photos you can see they look much more hand made than the imported Top-Sider. Obviously there’s a huge price difference, so I would expect to see this and expect higher quality leather. I will report back on this more when I get my pair. (If any of you have seen these in person, please report back).

Source: https://www.assem.nl/schoenen/sperry-top-sider/

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Source: http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2013/05/17/sperry-top-sider-made-in-the-usa/

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